Steam Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services in Sydney will disinfect your carpet and remove odours through oxidization. The special treatment we use kills microbes, removes airborne dust and purifies the air. This will bring your carpet back to being clean and free of germs by using environmentally safe chemicals.  Try out our services for carpet cleaning in Sydney to get your carpets odourless and stainless once and for all!

Pre-vacuuming of the carpets is a very important stage of the carpet cleaning process which is generally carried out by the client (unless they specifically ask for us to do this for them). Carpet soils are generally made up by 70% dry soils which readily vacuum out using a powerful vacuum cleaner, with a powerhead, and the correct vacuuming technique. Cleaning done incorrectly can impede on the cleaning results and so we highly recommend that you request your carpets be pre-vacuumed by our qualified technician.

SbsCleaning has years of experience when it comes to providing carpet cleaning services in Sydney. Be it for your home or for your office, we offer excellent results with our carpet cleaning services tailored to your requirements.

Our main goal is to ensure that you are happy with our professional services, make your carpet look like never before, Call us now.



What Are The Benefits Of Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

  • Competitive Honest Pricing
  • Recommended by real-estates and corporate clients
  • Fast and quality service
  • Gentle and individual service depending on the fabric of your carpets and rugs
  • Industry-standard professional equipment
  • Removes 99% of the bacteria
  • Safe for pets, children and people with allergies
  • It is safe to walk barefoot on the carpet after it has been cleaned


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